April 4th, 2005
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APRIL 1, 2005
No this is not an "April Fools" update. It's legit. Many thanks to the Southern California crowds for packing the Showcase and Troubadour at the end of our US headlining tour with The Chariot, It Dies Today and Cold War. Throwdown is in Canada right now knee-deep in the "Minions Of Mosh Tour" with As I Lay Dying. Check the shows page!

After this tour we'll be heading back to Japan, Australia and New Zealand in May, followed by three weeks off from the road in June! It's Throwdown's first real break since last spring, which filled up from Ozzfest to Norma Jean tour to Lamb Of God/ Fear Factory tour, followed by Lamb Of God/ AILD UK tour, and then straight into the writing and recording of "Vendetta" -- which comes out June 28th, by the way!

In late June the "Sounds Of The Underground" tour starts!! It's going to be incredible. You can buy tickets right here through a link on our very site, check it out.

We are working on plans for the first video from "Vendetta" which will be for a song called "Burn." We'll let you know more about that very soon.

So...we are a week and a half into the recording process. Drums are done, and about half of the guitars are done as well. Honestly, it is sounding awesome. But of course we knew the recording would be good, that's why we picked Zuess (aka; Zoots, or Terry). The drums are brutal and the guitar tone is crushing to say the least. Just in case you are wondering what the record sounds like, here is a qoute from Zuess himself: "SHIT IS HHHHHAAAAAARRRRRRD". So there you
have it.

Also along for the ride has been Rob Gil. He does all of the digital editing, and is a Pro Tools Jedi. He is a sweet dude and does an amazing impression of Stuey from Family Guy. Straight up sounds exactly like him. On top of that he also has a million other great
voices, and makes us laugh all day long. Rob is in a band called HYPERSOLID. They are way ahead of there time, and play music in weird time signatures and stuff like that. So all you Tool, Meshuggah, and Queensryche fans, check them out. Oh yeah, and he is a
closet shredder.

Our buddy Sully (tour manager for the Breed) stopped in to the studio yesterday and amused us with his industry gossip and absolute negativity towards everything (literally...everything). We love him
though, and thank him for always reminding us that:"NOBODY CARES".

So that's it for know. Don't forget we start our tour on March 3rd in New Haven, CT at Toad's Place. Come out and rock with us. We will be on tour all year again so if you miss us this time, we will be back.
More studio updates soon. Mosh ya later

So we leave tomorrow to go and record and our album "VENDETTA" with Zuess at Planet Z. Definitely not looking forward to the sweet cold ass weather on the east coast, but we are super excited to get this record done. We have been racking our brains over the past month trying to write the best songs we posssibly can, and we all feel that this is the most focused and well put together group of songs that we have ever written. Can't wait to hear what Zuess does with the songs. Should be BRUTAL as crap.

Right after we finish recording we are going out on our first headlining tour in almost a year. Coming along to help us devastate your town will be the ever so hectic spazzmasters The Chariot, our heavy labelmates in It Dies Today, and our buddies from OC Cold War. This tour will run across the entire U.S. in 2 weeks, so check the dates and get out to the shows. It will be a good time for sure.

As soon as that tour is over we will be heading out with our good friends in As I Lay Dying. Also along will be, All That Remains. This tour is a long one. 6 weeks total. 2 weeks in Canada, and 4 weeks in the U.S, This is gonna be everywhere, so if you miss us on our headlining run, you have no excuse not to come see us on this one. Plus you all love AILD so you are gonna come out anyway.

Our new album "VENDETTA" will be out this July via Trustkill Records. Be on the lookout for updates on that, and probably some sample tracks or something. Thats all for now. See you all on tour.

December 9th, 2004
I know it's been a little while since we've done a journal on here, so I'm sorry for that, and I'm sorry that this one won't have the normal comic value. Sort of been the trend lately of bumming dudes out every other entry. Anyhow, I wanna use this space to talk about something horrible that happened last night at a club we just played last month to a person we have always looked up to as musicians.

As you guys probably all know by now, Darrell from Damage Plan and Pantera fame was murdered at a club in Columbus, Ohio. We never got to know him on a personal level as many of our friends and tour mates have from Damage Plan tours, etc., but we've always looked up to him and his talent. Especially me.

Long before I was ever a hardcore kid, I was listening to Pantera and trying to learn every riff at age 12. Still at 24, I sit at home in Throwdown's time off and play along to Vulgar and Far Beyond Driven from time to time. I even managed to talk the rest of my band into attempting to do a small amount of justice to "New Level" in a live setting. I never got to see Pantera or Damage Plan live and never had the privilege of sharing the stage with him or his brother, but always dreamt I'd get to hang out with the guy and shoot the shit for a bit maybe at a festival or on a tour together.

I've been fortunate enough in my 24 years to not have lost loved ones to anything but old age. When someone who has created music that has affected your life and shaped who you are is lost, though, it isn't a far cry from that feeling. It's strange because though you may have never met them, it feels like someone close to you is gone because of what they've given you. Dime was a guitar player that made metal exciting enough for me to want to make a living out of it. Throwdown is a band that is comprised of two major things...music and a message. Without the experiences we've lived and hardcore bands we grew up on, we wouldn't have the latter. WIthout Pantera records, we wouldn't have the former in the state as we know it. (But that should painfully obvious to even the people that haven't heard us botch "New Level" this year.)

Dime and Vinny changed the face of metal together years ago and still to this day, bands attempt to replicate both the energy and the success they had as metal musician. Unfortunately for the metal world, no one will. Even more unfortunate, though, is the fact most people outside of the metal world won't recognize what we've lost because his face wasn't all over TRL or MTV Awards shows. Truth is, we've lost one of the best Goddamn guitar players that ever lived.

I can only imagine what the Abbott family is going through, especially Vinny. I send my condolences out to them and Dime's friends as well as the family and friends of the crew members and Damage Plan fans that lost their lives last night too. Rest in peace.







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13) Face The Mirror
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